Drug Dealers vs Drug Users

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Drug dealers and drug users
The drug dealers are criminals because they violate the laws against sale of drugs. They engage in activities such as manufacture, cultivation, distribution, and sale of drug substances prohibited in law. Because of the illegal drug dealings, the smugglers carry severe penalties that include sentencing, depending on the drug classification. The drug users become addicted to the drugs and finally die. A good example of a drug dealer is Frank Lucas who used to earn a million dollars every day while hundreds of the drug users such as Chris Farley died because of the illegal trade. Both the drug dealers and the drug users arrive at serious consequences because of the life they live. The drug dealers and the drug users live a life that they were not forced into, but the one they choose to live. Comparison and Contrast

Frank Lucas was a United States heroin drug dealer and acted as a crime boss in Harlem. Frank Lucas was born in 1930, and became a criminal after much struggle. Lukas had direct links from Asia and sold the drugs in the United States streets where he made $ I million per day. He was an international smuggler and all he wanted was to be rich without considering the harm caused by the drugs. His worth was around $ 52million, which was in terms of properties he bought in the country and outside the country. The people around him were the elite whom he met in politics, entertainment, and in the crime world. In his life, Frank Lucas fathered seven children when he was a rich man. After living a luxurious life, Lucas was arrested in 1975 when his house was raided and the officers found a large amount of cash. After his arrest, Lucas received convictions in New Jersey state and Federal drug violations, which led to a sentence of 70 years in prison. For his safety, he provided evidence that helped in conviction of 100 drug related criminals and instead of 70 years, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was...
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