Drug Crimes

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Tabitha House
Criminal Justice 1305
October 10, 2012
Drug Crimes
Drugs have been a part of the United States, and Minnesota, since the 1800’s. Since then more drugs have been created and used. More drugs in turn led to more drug abuse. This abuse led to more violations, which caused the government to form laws against drugs (Rattliff). Today, there are laws ranging in degrees of punishment for possessing drugs, selling drugs, trafficking drugs, and manufacturing drugs (Minnesota Criminal Defense Law, 2012).

It wasn’t until 1935 that the first laws were passed regulating the sale, use, or possession of marijuana. At the time, marijuana and alcohol were the main drugs of choice. In 1935 only 36 states had these regulating laws. By the next year, however, all 48 states enacted the laws. People believed marijuana was responsible for recent violent crimes. By 1937 marijuana was seen as the “foremost menace to life, health, and morals in America,” by the public. That same year the Marijuana Tax Act was passed. This taxed the buyer, distributor, seller, and grower of marijuana making it close to impossible to get. Later on the state laws made it illegal. In 1965 the federal government passed the Drug Abuse Control Amendments. These referred to amphetamines, barbituates, and LSD as dangerous drugs. They permitted the FDA to recommend to Department of Health Education, and Welfare to control them and other drugs that may later be considered a problem. Five years later the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act or the Controlled Substance Act was also passed. This specifically stated that drugs under act were now under federal jurisdiction and dealt with both narcotics and other dangerous drugs (Rattliff). Bibliography

(2007). Updated Report on Drug Offender Sentencing Issues. Saint Paul: Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission. 2011 Minnesota Statutes. (2011). Retrieved October 1, 2012, from Minnesota Office of the...
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