Drug Control

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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We Must Do Better About Drugs

As we know, all countries in the world prohibited hard drug, but it means that we are safe and far from drugs? Definitely not! Drug eliminated from aboveboard; still lived under the night. Prescription drug abuse is the Nation’s fastest-growing drug problem; smuggling of drug can never disappear (2011 National Drug Control Strategy 4). By the way, women’s involvement in drug trafficking in recent years has expanded dramatically (Campbell 233). Spreading of Drug decreases a nation’s physical quality, psychological condition, and life expectancy. Because no country could afford those integral losses bring from pressure of public medical benefit, no one open hard drugs. Drug is the demon, which come in from crack of door, continue his villainy that should be bar out. We cannot wait to raise awareness of drug control; we cannot wait to improve our tactics; we cannot wait to arrest more loss happen. Executions of prohibitions, living examples of suffering, and confirmed side-effects warn us must focus on the issue.

Prohibition in worldwide was actually helped. Making a general survey of our history, people have experienced full of wound bring by drug abuse. In 1840, opium was used by British government as weapon to raise the certain of invasion in China. The plentiful opium destroyed Chinese army, caused factory deficit of labors, and induced a mass of sliver outflow. The nightmare had drop away already. Today, smuggling of drug are still rampant. The grim axiom defining today's Afghanistan, 85 percent of whose citizens are farmers, farmers who cultivate fields of poppies, is that its economy relies on two dueling revenue streams (Draper 58). At May 2, 2011, United States Government Accountability Office acted Office of National Drug Control Policy. The document focused on three areas where substantial short-term progress can make a significant different in people’s lives—prescription drug abuse, drugged driving,...
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