Drug and Fetal Abuse

Topics: Pregnancy, Fetus, Childbirth Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Drug and Fetal Abuse
In today’s society there are many issues that are over looked and drug use and fetal abuse are just two of them. Drug use during pregnancy is irrefutably fetal abuse. Those guilty of this should be held accountable for it.

When women use drugs during pregnancy the child develops birth defects. Some of the birth defects are down syndrome, premature and defects of the heart, brain and face and it can also cause there death. More than 90% of pregnant women consume drugs while they are pregnant. When they use drugs it causes damage, abnormal development. It can also alter function of the placenta by causing blood vessels to narrow and reducing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus from the mother.

People abuse of their children when they hit them but in this case they are using drugs. The main drugs that women use while they are pregnant are marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Many of these women don’t realize that by them doing drugs has a big affect on the unborn child. There is a difference when people abuse there children by hitting them as to the ones that use drugs. The reason why is because when the child gets hit most of them can speak for themselves as for the unborn child they can’t speak for themselves. Some of the unborn babies may not even have a chance to experience life because their mothers choose to abuse of drug while they were pregnant.

The mother should be held responsible for what happens to the unborn baby because she knows what she is doing. When the mother is under the influence of drugs while they are pregnant they know that the drug will affect the baby and even cause their death. Therefore they should be held accountable to the consequences when their child comes out with a birth defect or when they have a miscarriage. There is no one else to blame but themselves for the choices they made.

The people that use drugs and cause fetal abuse can get help so they won’t harm the unborn baby. You can only help...
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