Drug Addiction: A Termite in Punjab

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Morphine Pages: 15 (5620 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Drug Addiction-a termite in Punjab
INDIA is the world’s largest producer of illicit opium in the world, which is used to make prescription drugs. A UN report says there are about 10 lakh registered users of heroin in India. However, with about 50 lakh estimated unregistered users, it is time to tackle the growing substance abuse among the youth. The word alcohol comes from an Arabic word Aal-kuhul which means finely divided spirit. Usually it is made from fermented starch and though it gives an initial lift, it is a depressant. There are many types of alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is what is commonly used as a drink. Most of the alcoholic drinks like whisky, gin, rum etc. contain 40 to 60 per cent of alcohol. Country spirit (local brew) may contain up to 65 per cent of alcohol. Methyl alcohol is produced from wood through a chemical process. This is used for industrial purposes. This is a poisonous drink and we have witnessed many cases of persons dying due to drinking methyl alcohol. Although it takes minutes for alcohol to reach the brain, it takes the liver an hour to break down the alcohol in a glass of wine (350 ml) or regular beer. Many drugs like cannabis and alcohol have been abused by human kind from the earliest times. With more progress in science, today we are at to produce drugs which are a hundred times more powerful than alcohol and can influence the functioning of the brain. Not only are they powerful enough to alter the functioning of the human brain, but they are also very addictive. Many of the young people are ignorant about the real nature of these chemicals. Knowledge is power. This lesson gives you the correct picture of these chemicals which will enable you make right decisions about these chemicals and also pass on this --formation to other persons. Drug abuse is a global social problem. It is not confined to one nation or a continent. This is a social problem that breeds terrorism, black money, arms trade, and murder. Many of the victims are innocent civilians. The power of the groups trading in drugs and arms are such that they are able to bring down democratically elected governments. Such instances have happened in South America, Sicily and Afghanistan. The simple reason people use drugs is that it makes them happy. In other words drugs are abused to get happiness. Every human being wants to be happy. Drugs can make people happy by making them forget their worries. That is why people continue to use them even when drugs are harming them directly. There are certain other reasons why drugs are abused. They are discussed below: Peer pressure: All of us, young or old are greatly affected by what other people, especially our friends think about us. These influences on us in our thinking and actions is called peer pressure. Adolescents are more concerned about what their friends think about them. It is because they know much less about the world reality and truth, though they think they know everything. At this age the young ones are not able to distinguish right from wrong easily. We want to be accepted and admired by persons who are important to us. For the adolescent, his friends are the most important persons So person will be ready to follow the demands of his friends, even when he does not like them. Curiosity: Curiosity is an instinct. It helps us to seek and understand things that we do not know. Both young and old are influenced by curiosity, though it is the young ones who are more influenced. They see or hear what the drug can do to a person and want to experience what they think is real. The first taste and its effect on the user, greatly influences whether the individual continues to take drugs or not. The younger the age at which an individual first tries drugs, the more likely he or she is to try again. Ignorance: Wrong information about drugs and their effects is common among the public. Governments, scientists, experts and others have had only limited success in communicating accurate...
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