Drug Addiction Kills

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Drug Addiction – A Step towards Death
Drug addiction is becoming very common these days as people now days are losing faith on positive thinking and want to get a short and quick relief from pains and sorrows of life. However, they do not understand that drugs only show them the road towards death. The same mistake Sheetal did in her life. Sheetal has been a very cheerful girl all in her life and has a smiling and happy face. Her parents were happy, as she was one of the bright students in her college. However, the happiness was not ever lasting. She became sad and gloomy after she found the truth about her boyfriend Rajiv. They were dating each other for the last 3 years and one day she found that Rajiv was actually having many affairs with different girls. She was in total shock as the trust was broken completely and her dreams shattered. After that day, she started doing drugs. She used to do drugs just to get her away from the pain and sorrow, which Rajiv had given her by his act. Days passed on, her consumption of drugs increased, and finally one day she was found unconscious in her apartment. Many of her friends tried help for teens on drugs and tried to make her leave this poison but finally she was taken to the drug rehabilitation center, where she was kept under medical care. The doctors in the drug rehabilitation center analysed that she started doing drugs just because she wanted to stay away from the harsh reality and the pains. However, they also found that the drug has almost destroyed her central nervous system and this was the reason her body functions were slow and the indications are deadly. She was advised complete rest and the drug rehabilitation centre was her new home where the medical systems were a huge help for the teens on drugs. However, the help was not so adequate as her health conditions were getting worse every day. However, the best medical care of the country helped her to see a new dawn in her life, which was free from...
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