Drug Addiction: Is Advertising To Be Blamed?

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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When you think of addiction the first two things that come to mind are drugs and alcohol. Then you may think about smoking or maybe even gambling as an addiction, but there are so many more you would not even dream of. How about considering fashion as an addiction? In the case of writer Delia Cleveland this is true. Fashion was her addiction, but she is now a recovering “fashion addict”. In the article, “Champagne Taste, Beer Budget”, Delia describes her affair with fashion and how it changed her life. Consumers cannot blame the advertising completely, but there are ways to prevent becoming a victim of false advertising because no one should have to monitor the advertising industry to make sure they are not exploiting consumers.

Advertising companies are somewhat at fault, but are not fully to blame. As consumers we have to have some self-control and not buy impulsively. It is the advertising company’s job to create a story that people can picture themselves in. They get paid to do that. People should not fall for the façade portrayed in the ad. Also advertising companies should not put ads for high end products in not so wealthy areas. Some people in those areas who see those ads and cannot afford them will go to any means necessary just so they can be the envy of their friends and family. Delia can recall maxing out her credit card during a single trip to the mall.

There are a few steps consumers should take to avoid becoming victims of misleading advertising. Take into consideration your financial standing. Can you afford those $500 dollar boots and still make rent at the end of the month? In the article Delia recalls “I watched them bop around in $150 hiking boots –they’d never been hiking. They sported $300 ski jackets –never went near a slope.” If you are not going to use them for their intended purpose, don’t buy them. Remember that the people who created the ad are probably making more money off that one ad than most people make in a year.

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