Drug Addiction in the Philippines

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  • Published : August 4, 2013
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(Illegal)Drug Addiction

A Research Paper
Presented to:
Maestro John

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the requirements In
English IV

Presented by:
Marjorie Duran

Table of Contents
III. Introduction
* What are the causes of drugs
* Reasons why people are using Drugs
* Reasons why people can’t stop using drugs
IV-V. Facts and Topic Concept
* Impact on demand (2000-2012)
* Facts about using drugs
VI. Survey content and data
VII. Survey Questions and answers
VIII. Analization of survey questions and data results IX. Conclusion and Reccomendation
X. Acknowledgement

* What are the causes of drugs
Using Drugs is not healthy for anyone of us. I’m not speaking of the physical damage that it may cause, but the psychological causes that may occur, like Mental illness such as depression, Inability to connect with others, lack of friends, Poor performance at work or school, and poor stress coping skills. A person who is using Drugs may act abnormal, they may hurt people.  A drug addict may have times that they feel guilty and remorseful and decide to get help. In these times, the drug addict will normally continue using. * Reasons why people are using drugs

The reason why some people are using drugs is because of Enjoyment, curiosity, and other people that are suffering from anxiety, but there are some people are just using drugs because of entertainers using drugs and being rationalize that they can do it too. While some people are using drugs to cover up painful memories in their past, some thinks that drugs may help them fit in. Drug addiction is a condition that upsets the physical and mental well being of a person. It is neither an untreatable condition nor a malignant phenomenon. The addicts are aware of what is in store for them. Yet, they resume with the activities and build up a strong resistance to these agents in no time. * Why people can’t stop using drugs...