Drug Addiction and Medical Marijuana

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Pharmacology Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Shelore Fisher
English 1010
Professor Joseph Bess
Argumentative Essay
April 6, 2012

Drug addiction is a serious illness that affects millions of Americans every day. We all have someone we know or maybe family member that are suffering from one of many drug addictions. One of the drugs that people are fighting to legalize is marijuana. I am totally against legalizing marijuana because marijuana is a gate way to other drug addictions. My mother was alcoholic and my father used every type of drug one can name. I am seventh child of nine children, seven being boys and two girls. All of my brothers suffer from a different type of drug abuse. After watching several family members suffer from drug and alcohol abuse my sister and I made an oath that we would not use drugs because we have seen firsthand what drugs can do to a person’s body and mind. I have tried to talk to each of my brothers to find out why they use drugs. Basically all of them gave the same answer except one. Drugs helped them through difficult times or it makes them feel good at that moment. The second oldest brother Tyrone said that marijuana helps his glaucoma condition. So, I decided to try marijuana because all my brothers were doing it, so when I turn 15 years old my brother convinced me to smoke a marijuana joint with him and his girlfriend. He said it would not hurt me. Although, I knew it was wrong I tried it just to see what the hoopla was about. I saw myself outside of my body under the influence of this drug laughing and making fun of disable individuals. I did not have any control of myself or my thoughts. It wasn’t until I came down from the high that I fully understand what that drug had over me total control. I felt terrible and bad about the things that I said and done and for that reason alone I never tried drugs again. After my father passed away I found out that because of using needles with others that my father contracted AIDS. He also had other...
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