Drug Addiction

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Effects of Drug Addiction in America
Drug addiction is a continual problem within the United States. The abuse of drugs on a daily basis can cause multiple effects. An effect is a change that is the result or consequence of an action. Therefore, some drug addicts may be affected socially, economically, and medically. One of the most serious social effects of drug addiction is the breakdown of families. An addict can loose his/her family, as a result of behaviors and actions that put family members, in a compromising position; for example, lies, stealing, and a complete change in the addict’s attitude towards his/her loved ones. As the stealing, lies and change in behavior progresses, eventually the family is torn apart. As the addict’s behavior changes he/she no longer makes rational decisions, because the consumed illegal substance alters his/her mood and perception: “… a single low to moderate dose of methamphetamine attenuates many shift change-related disruptions in performance and mood (Rauhut 1). This statement illustrates that certain drugs can change the mood of an addict. When an addict has mood swings he/she tends to be argumentative, irritable, and destructive which also tear apart the family. Socially drugs do not just affect families but also friends. Friends of drug addicts will usually feel abandoned, disappointed and lose the trust they once had. The addict is no longer dependable nor trustworthy and often lets his/her friends down. Usually drug addicts turn down invitations to go out with friends because he/she may find it difficult to communicate: “Drug addicts make up excuses to avoid social situations”(Charles 420). This assertion indicates that he/she intentionally exclude themselves from gatherings so the loss of friends is unavoidable. In turn, the addict will meet new individuals who, like themselves, are not honorable and are on the same devastating path of drug abuse. A person’s continual heavy use of drugs may experience the effects...
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