Drug Addiction

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What is drug addiction?
Drug addiction is a complex brain disease. It is characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences. What Is Drug Abuse?

Dennie Ho
I am an independent freelance writer and editor with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. I have worked professionally as an analyst in the government, higher education, and public relations industries. I have been freelance writing for over eight years, including two with Demand Studios. The effects derived from abusing drugs will differ depending on the type of drug, but the basic pattern of drug abuse is the same: a compelling urgency to acquire and use the desired chemical substance. With drug abuse comes drug addiction and, as the addiction grows stronger over time, the impulse to use the drug grows more powerful: powerful enough to alter relationships, destroy health, interfere with work schedules and disrupt normal activities. 1. Definition

* Drug abuse entails the excessive and/or repeated use of chemical substances (in any form) in order to achieve certain biochemical effects. Significance
* The abuse of drugs is coupled with addiction, and obtaining and using the drug becomes increasingly more important than any other thing in life: friends, family, employment or even children. Types

* Drug abuse involves chemical substances known as street- or illicit-drugs (illegal due to their potential for addiction), as well as prescription drugs that are acquired for pleasurable use rather than medical necessity. Consequences

* The consequences of abusing drugs can be both physical and emotional, confounding the body's normal biochemical processes, making normal functions difficult to perform and impairing cognitive abilities--like judgment--to dangerous levels. Effects

* As described by the Mayo Clinic, stimulants increase blood pressure and metabolism resulting in powerful rushes of energy and difficulty sleeping. Depressants and barbiturates produce calming sensations and excessive relaxation by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and breathing to dangerously low levels. Potential

* Drug abuse over time chemically alters the brain's neurological functions, causing extreme discomfort and pain when it is deprived of the drug.

The Difference Between Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse
Dr. Howard Samuels
The terms "drug abuse" and "drug addiction" are sometimes used interchangeably and incorrectly. Although drug abuse may lead to drug addiction, they are two completely different terms. Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the misuse of any substance, legal or illicit. Some drugs, such as prescription medications and alcohol, may be used in an appropriate way and not be considered abused. Taking prescription pills precisely how prescribed or having a single glass of wine with dinner are examples of not abusive drugs. Drug abuse occurs with these substances when they are taken in excess. Also, use of any illegal drug may be considered drug abuse, as it is not supposed to be used at all. Many illicit drugs are vulnerable to be abused because of their psychologically and physically addictive properties. Drug Addiction

Drug addiction develops from repeated drug abuse, and also is believed to have genetic factors. Addiction can be characterized by a complete overhaul of one's motivational factors, in which the individual strives only to get high. Generally, other motivational factors such as school, work, family life, daily activities, and self-care lose their importance, as the drug becomes the only way the addict can find any happiness or relief. Addiction is always psychologically based with some causing physical addiction as well by changing the chemistry of the...
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