Drug Abuse in Iran

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Abstract :
purpose of this paper is to inform my classmates the rate of substance abuse for Iranian high school students. High school students who are either experienced being prison or awaiting a trial for a crime that they made, either with HIV or without it.This research has been done by me, Dr. Arash and Kamiar Alaei 5 years ago in Iran. Dr. Kamiar Alaei spent over 3 years in prison and his brother Dr. Arash is still in prison for their phenomenon research on AIDS in Iran. I will discuss about the risk factors and social background of 3 Islamic countries, Iran, Kuwait and Iraq. The rate of HIV, and variety of drugs. Just from one high school in Tehran, we had this result, (300 boys) 40.5 % abused substances at some time in their lives. Among the substance users, the use of cigarette ranked first (36.9%), followed by alcohol (24.2%), opium (12.7%), hashish (8.7%), Marijuana (8.2%), heroin (2.5%), cocaine (2.5%), hallucinogens (1.7%), morphine (1.4%). Only 22.5 % of the students were still using substances: cigarette 18%, alcohol 13.5%, opium 2.3 %, marijuana 2%, hashish 1.7%, heroin 0.8%, cocaine 0.5%, morphine 0.3% and hallucinogens 0.3% (Some were using more than one substance). Pleasurable purposes, habit and release of tension were the most common motivations reported for using substances.


I am writing about substance abuse in adolescence in Iran and also how it effects youth when they enter to their early adulthood.

A number of research studies of substance use among adolescents, especially students have been carried out in different countries and different levels of educations. Substance use among the youth of Iran especially students is a major concern among researchers and policy makers. In Iran there is a centuries – old tradition of substance use and abuse. For instance opium was known to ancient Persians and has traditionally been used for treating physical and mental stress as well as for pleasurable and social purposes. Use of alcohol is both religiously and legally prohibited in Iran, but use of other substances are legally prohibited, except cigarette, which is not prohibited. the three most common reasons of opiate use among Iranian opiate addicts were enjoyment , physical pain and sedation .

Causes, history and background

After the narcotics shipments cross the Iranian border they usually are broken up into smaller units so they are more difficult to intercept. 60 percent of the drugs that enter Iran pass on into Turkey, the Caucasus, and the Persian Gulf. The remaining 40 percent stays in the country. The number of people using drugs—from addicts to casual users—is estimated to be around 8 million, ( about a quarter of them are under 19) although the head of the Drug Control Headquarters believes that the real figure could be much higher because most drug abusers want to avoid the stigma of being identified as addicts.25 The average age of users is falling. A government official says the average addiction age has fallen to 10-19, whereas it used to be 25-29, and the head of the Drug Control Headquarters ascribed the increase in young drug abusers to the country’s population explosion.

Drug abuse has led to a growing prison population. Forty percent of all crimes in Iran are drug-related felonies. The head of the Prisons, Security, and Correction Organization said in July 2005 that out of the 3 main juveniles prisons in Iran, Kuwait and Iraq 32,000 were imprisoned for drug addiction.

The economy, and especially the high rate of joblessness, tops the list of reasons given by Iranians for drug abuse. Unemployment stands at 14 percent officially and is estimated by outside experts to be in the 25 percent range. This grievance combines with general boredom and a lack of options. A young People always say, “We’re all jobless. We have nothing to do. We try to do a little bit of business here and there and we get arrested as troublemakers. That’s why there are so many...
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