Drug Abuse in Hk

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The Causes of Drug Abuse in Hong Kong

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Table of Contents
Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------P .4 Causes of abusing substances by young people P.5-6
Causes of Abuse and Difficulties of Giving Up P.7-8
Motivations hindered behind for risking lives-P.9-10
Hong Kong Youth Caught in Wave of Ketamine Addiction P.11-12 Insights into the motivations of the drug user in Hong KongP.13-14 Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------P.15 Works Cited---------------------------------------------------------------P.16 Appendix A-“An Examination of the Relationship between Stress and Substance Abuse in Young People in Hong Kong” Appendix B-“ Cough Syrup Abuse among Young People in Hong Kong: Causes of Abuse and Difficulties of Giving Up” Appendix C- Suicidal Behaviours Among Illicit Drug Users

Appendix D- “Hong Kong youth caught in wave of ketamine addiction” Appendix E-“Psychoactive drug abuse: Insights into the motivations of the drug user in Hong Kong” Appendix F: Checklist

Have you even thought of taking drugs for the following reasons: seeking pleasure, boosting confidence, using drugs as a mean for social integration, being addictive to drugs and escaping from reality? Recently, the upward trend of young drug users has been witnessed. More and more people are concerned about the misuse of drug because of its side effects. As drug abuse can be a suicidal behavior leading to the death of human and create serious addiction, it is not a matter that can be ignored or delayed. Other than seeking solutions for solving the problem of drug abuses, we are more interested in investigating the motivations hindered behind. For this reason, this paper will examine the causes of drug abuse in Hong Kong.

Caused for abusing substances by young people

Alfred, Chan Wai-yip, a master student of social sciences in Hong Kong deduced the reasons behind drug abuse by teenagers. He believed that teenagers possess some specific characteristics. They are longing to excitement, discovery and stimulation. They long for constructing a sophisticated and mature self-image. They try to exhibit to be independent by acting rebel. They are obsessive for peer approval. The above characteristics are very likely the reasons behind the initiation of teenage drug abuse and peer approval is the key reason in Alfred’s point of view. (11-12) He deems there are some factors leading to teenagers’ addiction to drugs. There are insufficient propagandas by the government and the public organizations to raise the teenagers’ perception of risk on drug abusing. The tendency to withdraw from the distasteful real life with the relax feeling arise from drug abusing. Alfred listed some data gathered from the public organizations such as Human Services Policy Centre, Hong Kong Playground Association etc., to support his opinions. (13-14) He also defined “stress” with McNAmara(2000)’s models. Teenagers could be under stress according to the definition and it is one of the sources of the distasteful experiences in their life. So he brought up that stress is one particular reason for drug abusing. It was supported by the research conducted by the Scout Association of Hong Kong in 1990 that drug abusing is one of the stress-coping methods. (15-19) In this part of the dissertation, the writer included the general causes for teenage drug abusing. I agreed that these are the possible reasons behind the issue. Adolescent is a development period. Teenagers develop physically as well as psychologically. I guess the psychological development is responsible for their characteristics which initiate drug taking. In my teenage years, I was sometimes very confused. I tried to act like an adult but my thinking was still very childlike. As a result, I made some wrong decisions. I believe that drug abusing is an immature decision made...
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