Drug Abuse Among Teenagers

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Persuasive Essay: Outline Worksheet

Review “How Do I Organize My Brainstorm into an Outline?” of “The Writing Process” Media piece.

Assignment Directions:
Outline your persuasive essay below by completing the following: 1) Use the feedback you received from your instructor to revise your thesis statement. Write your thesis as a complete sentence as you would in your essay. Record your thesis statement in the “Thesis Sentence” entry under the Introductory Paragraph heading below. 2) Create a topic sentence for each of the three paragraphs that comprise the body of your essay. Record the topic sentences in each of the “Topic Sentence” entries under the “Support for Thesis” headings. Your topic sentence should support your thesis and provide a transition between the paragraphs. 3) Record at least three details for each topic sentence. These details should provide support for the topic sentence. (Review the example outline below) 4) Record a concluding sentence under the “Conclusion” heading. This should be your thesis restated in different words.

Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Sentence: Earning a degree online is great for working adults because it is convenient, economical, and allows them to learn with other working adults around the world.

Support for Thesis 1
Topic Sentence: Online learning is convenient.

A. Detail A: You can study and learn from home.
B. Detail B: It is easier to balance work-life obligations. C. Detail C: You can attend class any time you would like.

Persuasive Essay Outline

Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Sentence:
Youth and adolescent addiction has become a number one problem in this decade. Some reason will be discussed in this essay.

Support for Thesis 1
Topic Sentence:

The family is a unit of society; which consists of parents or a parent and children living in a community. There things that can cause the disruption such as influence of...
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