Drug Abuse

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  • Published : January 14, 2011
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Problem statement
There is rampant increasing of the youth in drug abuse which is a major threat to national development ,policy makers,social security and family stability. A report in our dailies geve credence to the fact that this menace is on the increase. In the march 16, 2002 edition of the mirror, a poplar weekly daily in ghana,it was reported that the accra psychiatric hospital (one of 3 such institutions on ghana) has recotded more case of dru abuse.it stated that ``in the past year the facility has recorded as many as590 drug related cases as against 525 cases in the previous years. The ages of the affected victims range from 16 to 60 years”. This gives evidence that most people affected are the youth who can contribute effectively to the country’s economic development.

General objectives
The aim of this study is to examine the effects of drug abuse and the youth of kwaso.

Specific objective
Precisely, the study seeks;
To determine the type of drugs commonly used.
To find out the sources of the drugs.
To identify the mode of use.
To find out how much these drygs cost and how the respondent are able to afford them. To determine the various terminology associated with drug abuse. To gather informaion from respondents on what they pereive to be the effect of drug abuse on the youth. To outline repondents perception of how youth can be protected from drug abuse.

I assume that psycgological instability, increase in national mortality rate and reduction of national production will be the effect of drug abuse.

This study will give vivid information of what drug abuse means and the effect of drug abuse on the soceity and the country as a whole in order to help the ministry of health to outline an educational prrogramme for the youth in kwaso and ghana as whole.

The study will essencially outline detail information of the effect of drug abuse and the youth in which poilicy makers can use as a guide...
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