Drug Abuse

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Social Issue in Davao City:
IN ANY city in any world, drug abuse is a problem. No matter how developed or poor a country is, drug abuse is always present. Anybody can be addicted to illegal drugs, minors, people of age, even senior citizens. A vice so flexible and available is a vice difficult to quit. Illegal drugs, their trafficking and usage isn’t simply a crime, but is also a social issue. Davao City has its own share of drug problems, and has agencies dedicated to stopping them. The Root cause of Drug addiction:

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease with many possible factors – psychological, biological and social – that can increase the risk of addiction. These factors include the lack of a healthy, nurturing home environment or the presence of a chaotic lifestyle in childhood has been shown to increase the use of drugs as users seek to obtain a feeling of acceptance and importance, influences and activities outside the home environment include inappropriate classroom behavior and association with peers involved in the use of drugs, genetics are recognized by many healthcare professionals as a valid cause of substance abus and the medicines used to treat medical conditions with pain management or medications for mental diseases can lead to a dependence, abuse and ultimately to addiction. Other causes of drug addiction may also be the inability to cope with crisis. Loss, disappointment, feelings of rejection, loneliness, and failure frequently lead to physical and emotional symptoms. As symptoms of headaches, tension, sleeplessness, and depression increase, medications become a solution. Some will get prescriptions from a physician or try to medicate themselves. My Recommendation:

Drug dependency and influence is a social problem, and every social problem must be solved starting from one’s own family. For as long as every Filipino family is well aware of the harms of drugs and is vigilant, the Philippines will be able to attain a drug-free...
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