Drug Abuse

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Physical dependence Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Ludy Anne Castrence

Substance Abuse Education
Drug is an element that could possibly change the physical, psychological, emotional and behaviour of a human being. It is only used when it is prescribed by the doctor, because if drugs are misuse by the user, their individual's physical, emotional or behavioural condition might distorted. The reasons behind are peer pressure, curiosity, adventure, feel good, escape from reality and easy access of drugs. Several people who are using drug are stress or having anxiety/ depression in their lives, so they would like to feel at ease even in a short period of time. But the result when it is use for the first time it would feel like you want it to use it again and again until your body was abused using drugs.

The commonly abused in the Philippines during the pre-martial law era were hallucinogens a drug that cause in alternation in perception, thought or mood (for example: Marjuana, Hashish and LSD), Sedatives a drug that reduces irritability (for example: tranquilizer, barbiturates and alcohol) and Narcotics a drug that relieve pain and helps you to sleep comfortably (for example: opium). While in the martial law era the cough syrups with narcotic and non-narcotic cough suppressants was introduced, several of the products were commercialize by different companies. Also the inhalants, it is the chemicals used by manufacturing industries; it seem like an alternative to other mood-altering drugs because they are cheap, can be purchased legally, and are easy to obtain. It includes the rugby, glue and thinner. As time got by, the stimulants which increases alertness and can make your brain active, it was made after the edsa revolution.

Drug users are easily to recognize when they changes in their physical appearance they became thin and the colour of their eyes turns red, their mood swings, their behaviour changes timely; their brain are damaged, and their interest in their favourite activities decreased. When the...
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