Drud Addiction

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Drug Use Among Teens

Drugs were developed for medical reasons. They were initially used to help illnesses and disease.   Now there is a large number of people that use them for other reasons. Most people that use drugs either started when they were teenagers or got hooked on pain medicine after being prescribed.   Drugs are addictive. Many of them can have dangerous side effects. A list of drugs abused are alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and crack/cocaine.   People even abuse cold medicine such as Sudafed and Benadryl. The biggest problem are painkillers such as Oxycodine and Percocet. The first cause to do drugs in your teens is just to be curious. More than 60 percent of teens said that drugs were used, kept, and sold at their school. We see so much of this on T.V. and its hard for a teen not to be curious. Another reason is to escape reality.   Some resort to drugs just to get away from all the hardships in life. They maybe having trouble in school and with classmates.   For some the answer is drugs.   It is no secret that drugs change the way you feel. That is way they are abused so much despite their dangers. Teenagers also take drugs to be cool and to fit in. If you have a bunch of friends that smoke pot or do cocaine then you are more than likely going to try it at some point. If you refuse they might make fun of you and call you names. Most of the time someone gives in and tries it. Nobody ever wants to be the one not doing what everyone else is doing. Are drug really worth it?   Teens use drugs for a number of reasons. They are curious, want to escape, or just because everyone else is doing it.   Fitting in is not worth the risk.

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