Drucker Assignment

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The Drucker Assignment

I am extremely interested in Drucker talking about humanities both in the first and the second section. I read carefully in the last 4 chapters of the ‘Management’section and the first 5 chapters of ‘the individual’ section; whose content mainly focus on how to manage your business and yourself. Drucker considers management is a social function and liberal art, as he says” Management is about human beings. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strength effective and thir weaknesses irrelevant.’ Individual creative ability and special business vision is a natural gift which can not be learned, only a small amount people own those specific talent and personality. A successful inventor or entrepreneur like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates can not be duplicated. However, the art of management and how to deal with people, are usually considered can be learned and practiced. If you own the ability to discover those genius, if you know how to work with your parterres, how to manage your subordinates, how to know more about your competitors, you can maximum your own effectiveness and achieve your own success. But before that, you should first learn how to understand persons, which include yourself, your partners and your competitors.

Understand yourself your own positions
If you want to manage yourself, you should know yourself first, In Druck’s word, “Some people work best as team members. Some people work exceedingly well as coaches and mentors, and some people are simply incompetent to be mentors’ Most of us even didnt know what their In “ Individual’ section, the first 5 chapters perfectly help you examine yourself, and teach you how to know your own strength and weakness, how to catch the sense of overall condition and your specific position. how to learn and develope yourself then make a contribution. In the” New venture” chapter, he also exemplified Henry Ford and Honda, for the founder clear knew their positions, handed off the job duties they were not good at to their partner then became successful.

To work with your partner
When I was in the middle school,campus monthly periodicals ordered me a composition at one time, but I refused to publish it in the end because the editor( he was one of my teacher) asked me to modify several parts of this composition before publishing it. In my eyes at that time that composition looked so perfect and I can not tolerant others to question anything about my work. After that I haven't received any orders anymore. I suddenly remembered a small episode when I read Druckers wrote about the feeling of entrepreneurs in the chapter“the entrepreneurial business”, where he mentioned there are seldom successful attempts when American companies trying to develop new area by acquiring innovative business. The entrepreneurs usually think their buyers let them feel in the climate of “bureaucratic, stodgy and reactionary”, which was kind of feeling I have when I was asked to revised that composition. Sometimes people refuse to any modification and even decide uncompromising before listening any advise about it. It is really hard for you to listen others opinion especially when you yourself are very satisfied about your own work. However, arrogance and misunderstanding leads cooperation opportunity fails. The key to work well with your partner is how to build a mutual trust and respect relationship. The entrepreneurs usually are persons with rebellious, impulsive and risk-prone nature. But a big business usually requires its manager with careful cause, reserved emotion and risky-averse . The conflict existed between them could be described as the conflict of the different personalities. Thus raised the contradiction, which are so irreconcilable that Drucker even suggest that one part must be out to solve this problem. The risk is---if this company is unable to find someone to take over this project and furnish management within a short time...
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