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Course Outline
Winter 2013

University of Ottawa
TELFER School of management

Class Schedule| Tuesday, 1:00pm to 4:00pm, DMS 8143|
Instructor| Tanvir QuadirMethodologist, Statistics CanadaE-mail: tquadir@uottawa.ca| OFFICE HOURS| Thursday, VNR 2027, 4:30pm - 6:30pm|
Instructor’s availability| During office hours or via email.|

Course Description:

Introduction to the descriptive statistics; basic probability theory and probability distributions; inferential statistics including large-sample estimation, large-sample tests of hypotheses, and inference from small samples; linear regression and correlation; and a glimpse of multivariate analyses with application to Business.


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: (i) Attain a good grasp of descriptive and inferential statistics with application to Business. (ii) Understand the rationale of statistical inference, hypothesis testing, and interpretation of different statistical tests for large and small sample sizes (iii) Distinguish between parametric and non-parametric statistical inference (iv) Apply and interpret multivariate statistical results using Business datasets (v) Select an appropriate statistical method from those covered in class for a given data set


4 quizzes| Quiz 1: January 22, 2013Quiz 2: February 26, 2013Quiz 3: March 19, 2013Quiz 4 (or Assignment): April 02, 2013| 10% × 3 = 30%(Best 3 out of 4)| Mid-term exam| March 05, 2013| 20%|

Final exam| TBA| 50%|
NO MAKE-UP QUIZZ OR EXAM WILL BE GIVEN. If any quiz or mid-term exam is missed for a legitimate significant medical reason, the weight of the final exam will be increased by the weight of the quiz or exam missed, provided that the maximum weight...
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