Drq: Incentives for Charitable Acts

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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DRQ 1: Revisions
Offering incentives for charitable acts defeats the purpose of being helpful and selfless. Most acts of charity are driven by the desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate, not to gain a little trinket for donating a can of Campbell’s tomato soup. Being helpful should not come from the human nature of greed but from the human nature of selflessness because donating is an act of altruism. There are many who oppose this view and it is understandable why they do so. Many charities benefit from the donations made by thousands of people who are driven by incentives; incentives get the job done. However, how much of a difference do a few cans of beans given by people who have no interest n helping others have on a soup kitchen? Incentives may drive people to donate, but they do not provoke them enough to make a large impact on the impoverished. In pop culture, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and many others make charitable donations with no incentives whatsoever. They may donate millions of dollars worth of goods to charities and third world countries with no gift while people with incentives only pull out the bare minimum; three boxes of pasta and their platform shoes from the 1970s. With an incentive present, people will donate the amount that matches the price of the incentive, which is usually a mere thirty dollar Walmart gift card, enough to buy groceries for three days. Charitable acts that root in selflessness and desire to help, ultimately, make more of a difference on the targeted people, while donations made because of incentives trail far behind. Therefore, selfless donations are the most effective donations because they create a more positive impact on the world. Additionally, incentives for charitable acts are used in schools which are morally and ethically wrong. At school, students are given grades based on learning the material that is presented to them. However, many school systems authorize teachers to award students with extra...
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