Drowning at Sea

Topics: English-language films, Gravity wave, Wind Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Drowning at Sea

After two hours drifting at sea, clinging desperately to the cargo hatch, I felt the life ebbing from me. I cast my mind back, it had been such a nice and beautiful day that had turned out to be so dangerous and life threatening. I could not forget that how I had fought with my mother to allow me to go to the sea with my friends where we were going to have a picnic. I yearned to turn the clock back. If only I had listened to my mom I would not have been in a situation like this. It felt like a nightmare that I just could not wake up from. It all started when I and my friends decided to go on a picnic to the sea. It was such a beautiful day that nobody could even imagine in their dreams that something could go wrong. We played all day long with the beach ball and time passed so quickly that it was dark before we even noticed. When we were playing, my friend Noor threw the ball very far away near the sea shore. I went to get the ball and was suddenly pushed by the sea wave with such a force that I landed on the surface of the sea with my head on the ground. I was trying to get up when another wave came rushing towards me and again I was washed up by this wave.

It had happened so fast, one minute I was trying to get up on my feet and in seconds I found myself underwater, swimming for the surface, my lungs bursting. The next thing I knew, the water had closed over my head and I was being carried by the current. When my feet touched bottom I used all my strength to push off. I feel weak now, the cold embrace of the sea is clawing at me and my mind wanders as I remember my loved ones. Slowly imperceptibly my strength is fading away, and then with barely a ripple I slip beneath the waves and am gone.
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