Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan

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  • Published : December 15, 2010
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It is 1945, at the end of World War II, America is at the final stages of deciding to drop the atomic bomb on Japan or not. There are many factors that have been taken into consideration based off of the economic stress, the losses and the constant pressure to fight for democracy across the communistic nations. The factors that justified the government in creating The Manhattan Project are morally justified in commitment to the American people for the great loss in Pearl Harbor and among the many battles fought afterwards; America at this time sought out any decision as morally just at this point creating a high level of Patriotism, making anything the American government did, on a morally large scale, righteous. The ultimate goal was to create a powerful America, to create a dominate democracy and to make Japan surrender. The first of three options is to take no further military action at all. If chosen to take no military action at all America would have to come up with some sort of peace treaty to ensure the safety of the American people. In the event that Japan did not accept the peace treaty they could possibly attack us again. They would think that we are weak and or that we are not capable of defending our nation, people or our pride. If Japan accepts the treaty, this could save thousands of lives and accomplish the ultimate goal. Taking no further military would go along with William O’Brien’s ideal of right intension, “Enemies must be treated as human beings with rights” (White, 26). We must realize that love exist even among our enemies and act with charity towards them. Being able to ease hatred and animosity is the purpose of right intension and could be accomplish in not taking military action against Japan. The second of the three options is to invade Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cities of Japan. In order to invade Japan the American government would have to draft more soldiers, possibly increase taxes in order to afford to ship the soldiers over...
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