Dropping Out of School

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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April 21, 2010
Dropping out of school
Nowadays people’s attitudes to schools have changed. Teenagers usually do whatever they want because their parents become busier and are not interested in their children’s schools thinking that everything is well there. The students become more different and always want to show who the best is. Because of these relations between the family, schoolmates, some teenagers may feel discomfort at schools that can decrease their performances and become a cause of their dropping out of schools. There are several reasons to explain this continuing tendency.

The biggest problem of not going to schools is difficulties at home. The troubles such as divorce of parents, alcohol or drugs addict, and domestic quarrels have an effect on students’ school lives. At this transitional age, young people are very emotional and they are not strong enough to encounter those difficulties. That’s why they may find the solution in running away from homes and dropping out of schools. This shows that a family’s love and support has to be shown to teenagers. It is widely known that schools can teach students, but how to handle real life should be taught at home. Parents should avoid quarrelling because these adolescents could admit these manners as correct examples of behaving.

In addition to the list of the reasons of dropping out of schools, the most common problem is incomprehensible classes. Sometimes there are 15-20 students in class, and the teachers cannot notice that one is not “in the same boat” as the others. Some teenagers feel ashamed to tell parents or teachers about their difficulties with classes. How can high schools solve this problem? Making smaller classes is an economically disadvantageous option that needs more faculty and money. The parents should pay more attention to their children’s classes and sometimes it is better to children to take some individual lessons. Even though the students are taught at schools, the teachers...
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