Dropping Out

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Joanna Funkowska

ESL 134, Professor Michael A. Beihl



The word “charity” means generosity in giving something to the needy out of love and kindness towards them. Helping many who lead a miserable existence may not change the entire world, but will give some hope and happiness and make them feel like a human being. The secret to Charity is not expecting anything in return. A selfless act of humanity is beautiful and rare. These self less acts of Charity should represent Donations, Giving of free time and work and providing emotional support in time of crisis.

The most common way of giving is through Donations. There are several different types of donations. Some donate money to their favorite charities such as research of disease, monetary relief for individuals who were affected by natural disasters, like the most recent Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast, or monies to the Red Cross, who help poor children in other countries that have no food. Charitable people have a moral need to help others. This motivates them to give. Others donate personal possessions like their extra clothing, shoes, coats, etc. The items are given at local Salvation Army bins. Some donate extra toys their own kids never played or outgrew.

Giving yourself of free time and work is also a common form of Charity. Many people do not have possessions or money to help, so they give themselves to do work and use their bodies or professional expertise to those who need help or can’t survive without the helping of other. Many inner cities, like our local Camden, NJ, have several food shelters that serve food to the homeless. These people are everyday people, who have nothing to give but themselves. They show up and serve soup for 10 hours a day and expect nothing in return. A selfless act of love for people they don’t even know. Some families...
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