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Group Topic: Website that use in sharing information

(a) Background of the social site/mobiApp; explain the general type of social software site/mobiApp, its (country/city) origin, background of its creators, and related information you consider relevant.

Dropbox is a online free service that lets you to host your documents or files on Dropbox server. It is one of the online file synchonization tools. Dropbox allows its users to bring and share all their photos, documents and videos everywhere with the others, whenever there are internet access, all the hosted files can be access across various computers or even multiple operating systems. They can be shared easily.

Dropbox Inc. was founded in June 2007 by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates, who are Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. Their headquarter is in San Francisco, CA. There are totally 50 employees. The first product launch was on September 2008.

Drew Houston was born in Acton, Massachusetts in 1983. He studied at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in the 1990s. Afterwards, he continued his study and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring Computer Science. Before he worked in Dropbox, he worked on a number of other companies such as Bit9, Accolade and Hubspot.

He came up the idea of Dropbox when he was still a student in MIT. The reason was he often forgot to bring his USB drive with him and it caused so many inconveniences to him. Then, he started to think for himself. He began to make something regarding to that. He even realized that it could benefit the others who have the same problem. At that time, no similar services are provided by other company. The existing email services at that time were suffering from internet latency, the size of file or bugs. As a result, he found Dropbox, Inc. in 2007 finally. Drew is still the CEO of Dropbox Inc. currently.

Arash Ferdowsi born on 7 October 1985. He is an Iranian-American entrepreneur. He studied in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, too. MIT was there that both Drew and Arash met each other in MIT. For the last semester in MIT, He ever dropped out his study in order to focus on developing Dropbox. He is not only the co-founder of Dropbox, he is also the Chief technology officer (CTO) of Dropbox.

Being a CTO of Dropbox, he involved in every aspect, but mainly focus on making sure Dropbox and its server run as fast as possible.

After Drew was inspired to create a web service that can allow people bring the documents and photos with them without using usb thumb or email with attachment, he coded a demo of Dropbox and showed it to Arash, which is his classmate in MIT. After that, they started to work together on Dropbox to make it become reality.

There are more than 25 million people registered to Dropbox for their service today. Dropbox provides their service in 175 countries and in five different languages, which is English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

(b) Value proposition of the site/mobiApp—what it tries to provide to users; Why should people visit/use and re-visit/reuse the site/mobiApp? What does it provide in terms of knowledge, community, other value, technical features that create and maintain the interest of people?

The Dropbox tried to provide different useful functions to users in order to keep users stay in Dropbox network. It has various features as following,

Synchronization of files
Dropbox provided 2GB space for free, but the users can subscribe their service up to 100GB. Users can put any document into a folder, which is synced with Dropbox, on their own computer, mobile devices. They can also upload documents via web browser.

Other than this basic function, Dropbox also provides a synchronization function. They have their own self-developed desktop client software that can be installed on different platform, such as Windows, Mac or Linux. Users with this software...
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