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Xiong Xiao HW #7
1. Using DropBox and GoogleDocs as examples, what are some advantages of cloud computing? 

Today, individuals and organizations can use the power of cloud computing. As we can see in the DropBox and GoogleDocs, cloud computing provides access to a shared-pool of computing resources and data, including computer, applications and service, over a network.

2. What are disadvantages of cloud computing (again, feel free to use DropBox and GoogleDocs as your examples)? 

There are a few disvantages of cloud computing as well.
1) Internet connection. Cloud computing makes everything dependent on the reliability of your Internet connection. When it's offline, you're offline. And even the most reliable cloud computing service providers suffer server outages now and again. 2) Security issues. How safe is my data? Cloud computing means Internet computing. So you should not be using cloud computing applications that involve using or storing data that you are not comfortable having on the Internet. 3) Time consuming. It can be extremely time-consuming to transfer a large amount of data into or out of a cloud environment.

3. Do you think that GoogleDocs will become a serious competitor to Microsoft Office on the desktop? Why or why not?

Yes, I think so. People can make a few arguments about using Microsoft is better than GoogleDocs word, such as it’s easy and people have been use it for over a long time. But GoogleDocs is more portable, more than one person or you can have a team work on a same document and so much more. The main reason I believe GoogleDocs will become a threat the Microsoft Office is the cost. Many people don’t want to pay around $60 on Microsoft Office anymore, while GoogleDocs is free, and the ability to share documents cloud makes the whole prospect even more attractive. But I don’t think is worth it to move onto Google Docs and abandon Office forever yet.
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