Drop Out Prevention

Topics: High school, High school diploma, General Educational Development Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Where do you see yourself five years from now?,ten?,fifteen? do you see yourself as a multi billionaire that created the first invisible car or do you see yourself as a business man running a whole building of people?... Or do you see yourself working at McDonalds maybe even at Wal-Mart re-pricing the tags ? the decisions you make now, like staying in high school can severely change your life-style in the future. The most important thing you’re going to need in life is money. You’ll need money for food, clothes, and kids (if you end up having any) a home, pretty much everything in the world is going to cost you money. Almost every job in America requires a high school diploma; even the military says you must need at least one full year of college before you can get in to the military if you have your GED. By staying in school you will discover later on in life that if you hadn’t of stayed things in life would be allot harder, I mean who really enjoys struggling? Without a good paid job, you could possibly not have your own home, security, or insurance, and maybe not even a chance at starting a family and raising your own kids. High school is all about the drama, the friendships, the bully’s, the school spirit, and the memories you have in it. Dropping out is like an express lane to being an adult, when you really aren’t even ready to grow up yet. High school is really getting you ready for the big world we live in and all the people we have in it because high school to me is like a mini world i honestly see a new person I’ve never seen before every day. Sports! why would you drop out when you could go to the schools biggest football game of the year , half of the professional athletes didn’t even start playing the sport there in in till the hit high school, its where you can discover your true talents at. So what if you’re not into sports, your missing out the homecoming dances or the spirit weeks,...
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