Drop Out Dilemma

Topics: High school, High school diploma, University Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Why are so many students dropping out of college? Entering into college will be the easiest task, but entering into college financially unprepared will be the hardest task during college. Having financial problems can lead the student to a “D’s, F’s or No pass.” Low income students can hold them back on homework, there study time for quizzes, test, and assignment in and out of classes. After receiving them Fails and D’s on all assigned work and start to stress. Here is when the student begin to decide the only way that student won’t receive D’s, a No Pass, and Fails or trying to purchase unaffordable book is by dropping out of college. So now that student will be stress free.

College Drop-Outs are also due to not using resource’s around to help pay and complete college. Some resources that will help any college student is Fasfa; money given from the government for low income students that wants to continue their education. There given range is 6,000$, depending on the income. Another resource is called scholarships. Scholarships are what most student don’t know about. Scholarships is a competition on who a hard working student, who volunteers, and get good grades. Usually scholarships offer 1,000$ less or more. The last resource is asking for help. Without questioning on cheaper prices or able to earn more money students will never survive financially well to stay in school.

Students exiting High School that doesn’t receive their High School Diploma don’t become motivated to even look for a job. During this economy lots of jobs require High School Diplomas, so student ask “Why try?” That student end up not having enough money to even try to go to college. This will also bring stress to the student and this is when the student drop-out and gives up, and when the student decides to go back to school they tend to never do.

These are resources that haven’t been seen or used by students with low income. The main resource I say all students don’t do and...
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