Drop Bad Grades, Not Morale

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Drop Bad Grades, Not Morale
A couple days ago, my teacher gave us a chance to check our class grades. To my surprise, I had received a very dismal outlook into how I was doing in the class. It was a very, very bad grade that I don’t even want to repeat. I was stunned by this and wanted to know how this had happened in a mere 3 weeks of school. As it turns out, I had 1 really bad test grade who was the culprit. Unfortunately, now there is no chance for me to get the A that I so desired. This is why I believe that all teachers should remove each student’s worst grade from their grade book. This way all students have a fair chance at an A if for some reason they have a spontaneous bad test or homework grade, like me. Eliminating a bad grade is a breath of fresh air to any student, especially when they are striving for an A. Nowadays, teachers weigh most of a student’s grade in their test grade. The cruel thing is that this is usually a student’s worst area. So may teens today need extra help and tutoring to help them keep up with their classes and also to work on their test taking skills. So when teachers assign that BIG test, the stress is on for them. If they don’t do well, it significantly hurts their overall grade, and as most people know, it’s extremely difficult to revive your grade. What a soul crusher that can be. Sadly, the majority of teachers care little about this. By erasing this unfortunate grade, not all hope will be lost in students’ eyes. Another reason why this decision would be beneficial, is that the morale of students would be uplifted tenfold. Students have so many classes to deal with as is, and a bad grade would harshly deter confidence, leading to larger strains on students to achieve better grades. This chain reaction is critical to a student’s state of mind in school. I know when I saw my terrible grade I couldn’t help but feel terrible the entire day. If I knew that I was getting a second chance to get that desired A, I would be ecstatic...
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