Drone Warfare

Topics: Unmanned aerial vehicle, United States, MQ-1 Predator Pages: 6 (2414 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Game of drones: A worldly Look into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

There have been over 800 women and children who have died in attacks from drone warfare. This is only a small fraction of the approximate 6000 total that has perished in the Middle East. These weapons are ones that are not only a regulating threat in the Pakistan areas, but also they are actually instilling fear in everyday civilians the live there. These men, women and children cannot even be seen in groups of five or more without being deemed a target. Most American would not sympathize for those being killed mainly because of the attacks that occurred on September 11th. One should have a since of pride for their country especially when it has been under attack. Sympathy for those responsible should come few and far between. So it is ok to feel a sense of relief when those who threaten to harm us are brought to justice. Our government is murdering thousands of innocent human beings at the expense of trying to seek out militants in the Pakistan area. It would not be the same story if the tables were turned on the U.S. and we were being punished for our government or other party’s wrongdoings. We do not have the right to say who deserves to die at expense of others who are cowardly in hiding. These devices have become a treat to humanity well beyond that of nuclear warfare. Our governing body has found cleaner and safer ways to commit murder. It has also found ways to survey our enemies using spy planes. These surveillance cameras are great tool for locating those militants, but these drones are in the wrong hands and are being turned on the wrong people. They are being used privately and also by different branches of law enforcement. To find out how we can solve this growing problem we must first start with the source of the technology. We must also see the effects that they are having on the world today. We must also see where they will have our world in the future. The use of drones is being used to terrorize and breach the privacy of everyday civilians all across the globe.

The first types of unmanned aerial vehicle that were tested started in 1917 and have evolved ever since. Unmanned aircrafts evolved from rockets without navigation or guidance capabilities. Even though people may manipulate the use of them, there are many missions that can be handled well by drones than by pilots. The inspiration for the devices came about as far back as the Wright brothers. But unmanned aircrafts give creator credit to Peter Cooper and Elmer A. Sperry, the creators of the Sperry Aerial Torpedo. This was a converted U.S. Navy Curtiss n-9 trainer plane. The plane was used considered the first UAV and was controlled by radio. Later there was another model being developed called the Kettering Torpedo. The Kettering Torpedo, better known as the “Kettering Bug”, was due to fly in World War I but the war ended before they were sent out. Before 1935 unmanned aircrafts were unable to return to their sender. The design of the DH.82B Queen Bee enabled the vehicle to return to its sender. This made the use of the drones more functional and easier to obtain results. The United States was not the only ones making progress in the field of aviation. In 1944 Adolf Hitler wanted a weapon to attack Britain with more effectively. A German engineer by the name of Fieseler Flugzeuhau developed the bomber plane called the Vergeltungswaffe. The Vergeltungswaffe, better known as the Revenge Weapon 1, could carry multiple tons of weight while traveling over 470 miles per hour. According to the Coastal Education and research Foundation, the V-1 proved to be the first successful cruise missile. This unmanned aircraft killed over 900 civilians in Britain, foreshadowing the devastating effects that drones can have on an area. The U.S. did not make great advancement it the field of UAV’s until 1955 with the Ryan Firebee. The Firebee was created initially to in...
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