Driving to School

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(Driving to School) Persuasive Essay

Imagine driving to school in your fresh new ride, then all of a sudden BOOM! You're in a car accident and your life flashed before your eyes. How would your parents feel knowing that their child's life is in jeopardy? Devastated I tell you! Just the thought of burying their precious child is overbearing enough! But when that thought becomes reality it's a terrible tragedy! This could all be prevented if your parents drive you to school. Therefore, it is not a necessity for teenagers to drive to school.

For starters, if teenagers drove to school, they would not have an incentive to arrive to school on time. They would more than likely go somewhere else, rather than to their essential destination. However, under the supervision of their parents, adolescents will definitely be at school on time. Their parents would be on a fixed schedule, therefore they would not have a choice but to be on time. How can you argue with those logics? “Better late than never, but never late is better!”

Furthermore, driving to school can be extremely risky to one’s life. Several things can happen on that journey to school. For example, a buddy of mine, Tim, got into a fender bender at 10 mph. He came out with a fractured spine and a broken leg. Thank goodness he was wearing his seat belt! His parents were panicking and highly stressed. Had he been riding with his parents, this whole scene might have all been avoided. “Better safe than sorry.”

To continue, statistics show that 68.5% of teens driving to school rarely ever attend class. One in every ten of those teens fails to graduate. Now of course having a cool new car will help a teen climb up the popularity charts, but at what expense? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have plenty of knowledge, rather than plenty of friends? “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Thus, the decision is clear! Driving to school is not a necessity in a teen’s life, nor...
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