Driving Test: Raising the Minimum Age to 18

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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I am writing you today to give my thought on the subject of raising the minimum age to 18. I think it is a bad idea because you still wont have experience, just cause your older doesn’t make you better driver, most kids will not wait that long. You wont have any experience yeah you rode with your parents for an extra 2 years, but its just going to make kids crazier and want to go out and drive a lot faster and do stupid stuff, just like16 year olds. Just because the government make kids wait until they are 18 doesn’t they will be any better of a driver than a 16 year old. I know people who are 18 now and are horrible drivers, or have failed there driving test, but I have had my licenses since I was 16 and have had no wrecks, no tickets, or anything. You can’t hold every 16 year old accountable for how other people act when they are behind a motor vehicle. It is every kids dream to turn 16 and get their licenses, no more having to ride around with mom and dad, not having to ask for rides, you get to show your parents that you are an adult now and taking it serious because having your licenses and acting like an adult is good. Most 16 year olds are now looking for jobs and wanting to earn there own money or maybe already have there own jobs but have told finding rides to work, making them wait till their 18 can be a lot harder for kids to get good jobs when they move out on there own, or for college or whatever. Yes most kids parents will take them to work everyday, but there are some kids out there that need to get jobs because there parents can’t work, one of there parents left and there other people needs help supporting the house. You never know a kids story, so you shouldn’t hold them accountable because some kids don’t know how to act. Lastly, the way that the world has come to the last 10 years teenagers have been caught driving with out licenses and got locked up, not been able to get there licenses till they turn 18, or huge fines. What makes you think...
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