Driving and A. Poaching B.

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Please brainstorm and elaborate at least (3) THREE sub points for the four points given.

Our Prime Minister has often voiced the importance of co-operation among countries. Express your views why such co-operation is important. A. co-operation can improve trade.
B. To improve tourism
C. To strengthen the security of the countries
D. To decrease the problems posed by illegal immigrants

In recent times there have been many cases of road rage where angry drivers shout at each other and even go to the extent of beating each other up. Suggest ways to overcome this problem. A. Educating drivers on good driving habits.

B. Implementing stricter laws to punish drivers who are violent towards other drivers C. Raising the minimum age for obtaining a driving licence
D. Organising a campaign to raise public awareness on the dangers of road rage.

A person’s character is often influenced by other people around him/her. Whoa has the greatest influence on a person’s character? A. Parents
B. Teachers
C. Friends
D. Famous celebrities

In today’s society more people are trying to lose weight. What could be the reason? A. For health reasons
B. To be fashionable
C. Because of their job
D. Because of social pressure

You wish to apply for a scholarship to study overseas. What are the important factors that the Scholarship Board would look for?

A. Good Personality
B. Strong letters of recommendation
C. An outstanding academic record
D. Active involvement in co-curricular activities

You are a nature lover. You have attended a talk on conservation or protection of endangered species. What is the main factor causing extinction? A. Poaching
B. For medicinal values
C. As ornaments and decoration
D. For business profit
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