Driving and Licensed Driver Moves

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Your License to Drive

1. When a licensed driver moves to Virginia from another state, he/she will have 60 days to obtain a Virginia driver’s license.

2. List 4 items you can use to verify your social security number.

1. Social security card.
2. W-2 tax form.
3. Un-expired Military identification card
4. Pay roll check or check stub.

3. If you are under the age of 18, you must provide written parental consent to obtain a learner’s permit.

4. In order to get a learner’s permit in Virginia, you must be at least 15 years and 6 months old.

5. A learner’s permit allows you to practice driving with a licensed driver at least 21 years old or with an immediate family member at least 18 years old with a valid license.

6. When taking the learner’s permit written tests, you must score 100% on the road test and at least 80 % on the general knowledge test.

7. Persons less than 18 need four form(s) of identification when applying for a learner’s permit.

8. In order to obtain a 180-day provisional driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years and 3 months old and, if under 19, have held a learner’s permit for 9 months.

9. Before receiving your provisional license, your parents/guardians or foster parents must certify that you have driven at least 45 hours, 15 of which were after sunset.

10. Describe how to obtain a motorcycle driver’s license. You must pass the motorcycle skills and knowledge test. If you are under 19, you must obtain your learners for 9 months. If you are over 19, you must obtain it for 30 days.

11. Name 3 documents that DMV will accept as proof of residency.

1. Voter registration card
2. Transcript from a school, college, or university in which the applicant is currently enrolled. 3. U.S. Passport.

12. Check the license below that is issued to a driver younger than 21 years old.

13. What does a heart on the license mean?
Organ Donor

14. Name 5 organs that can be successfully transplanted.
1. Skin.
2. Bone.
3. Bone Marrow.
4. Kidney.
5. Heart Valve.

15. Persons less than 18 may become organ donors with Parent/Guardian permission.

16. Why are restrictions placed on a driver’s license?
With no intent to interfere with your driving privilege, but to keep you a safe driver.

17. A person with 20/70 or better vision in one or both eyes would be restricted to drive during daylight hours.

18. What is the difference between license suspension and revocation? Suspension is temporary. Revocation is permanent.

19. No learner’s permit holder may operate a motor vehicle with more than one non-family passenger(s) less than 18 except when participating in an approved driver education program.

20. Driving between the hours of midnight & 4 am is prohibited for holders of learner’s permits.

21. A driver’s license is valid for eight years and expires on the licensee’s birthday.

22. What does the “implied consent” mean?
Gathering evidence for a DUI.

23. Persons less than 21 who drive with a BAC of at least .02 but less than .08 may lose their driver’s license for 6 months under the DUI law.

24. In Virginia, all vehicles must have automotive insurance, or the owner must pay the Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee of $500.

Right of Way Concepts

1. What is the underlying principle of right-of-way rules? the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right.

2. At the following uncontrolled intersection, indicate who has the right of way.

Car A
Car B
x No one

3. In the above situation, indicate who must yield. B

4. In the following situations, indicate the vehicle that must yield.

a. Car 2

b. Car 2.


c. Car 2

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