Driving Age

Topics: Driving, Automobile, Driver's license Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: February 2, 2013
As we all begin to mature and commence a new stage in our lives, there is one occasion that we all eagerly anticipate. This occasion will liberate us from all restrictions; it will remove the shackles of reliance, bestowing upon us an independence and responsibility we have never experienced. This event is our 16 birthday. When an individual reaches the age of 16, they are provided with the opportunity to apply for their driver’s license. Although you may be rejoicing at the though of receiving your drivers license, you may not be aware of the great dangers that driving poses. The untamed mechanics of a car can easily be operated incorrectly, resulting in the loss of ones life. Furthermore, students of just 16, who are by nature easily distracted and lack concentration, are allowed to drive cars. To prevent many unnecessary accidents from occurring, the legal driving age should be increased to 18.

One of the main arguments against young driving is that with age comes maturity and responsibility. Some surmise that 16 year olds are more cautious because of their inexperience; however, they are merely misguided because young teens possess underdeveloped brains, which result in a lack hazard detection, and perceptual and information-gathering skills. At the age of 18, the brain is less vulnerable to distractions, which improves concentration and focus. Teen drivers make up about 7 percent of licensed drivers; however, they account for over 14 percent of all fatal car accidents. The traffic accident rates for 16-17 year olds are higher than any other age group, which suggest that 16 year olds are inefficient at making good decisions. In addition, teenage drivers often overestimate their skills and underestimate any threats. A common example of this is when teenage drivers carelessly attempt to perform multiple tasks at once. Case studies have shown that the brain is unable to focus on multiple engagements at once. Research reveals that 46% of drivers under the...
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