Drivers Who Don't Use Turn Signals

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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Every day I come across drivers who do not show their turn signals when changing lanes. A person believing they’re “Schumacher” is flying down the highway over 120 miles an hour, passing all other cars and does not consider it necessary to warn the maneuver. Another, on the contrary, is crawling down the street making it unclear whether he will stop completely at the convenience store or just take a turn at the next corner. This behavior of not using turn signals really irks me. I don’t like it because people either ignore you or don’t pay attention to the situation around them. One example is when I have had to wait at an intersection for an oncoming car to pass by and then I’ll get a good moment to make a left turn. Instead the car coming up on my left side just turns right before the intersection without using any signal. At this particular moment I could have easily made a left turn and not spent another five minutes waiting if he had only used his turn signal.

One early Monday morning I was driving to my school in Manchester, NH and just getting onto south Elm Street. I stayed in the left lane and was behind an old, slow-moving, flaked dark-green Chevrolet. The license plate was “MY-57”. Maybe his turn signal lights weren’t working, I don’t know, but suddenly he stopped. The right lane wasn’t busy, but I stopped so close to that car that I couldn’t pass him in right lane. Behind me was a yellow, 40-foot school bus with a woman driver so, of course, I couldn’t back up. I did not realize that the Chevy driver had wanted to make a left turn and so I had to wait for him. At that time I wanted to get out of my car and ask the Chevy driver why he did not respect other drivers by not using his turn signal, but I couldn’t stop and talk to the driver because I had no time. I tried to honk at him and show using polite body language that he was supposed to turn at a stoplight when he plans to make a turn. I have no idea if the Chevy driver had...