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Good Road Safety Guidelines

for the Asian and Pacific Region

Asian Development Bank





Recent studies in the United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) have shown that in about 95 percent of recorded accidents, driver error was a contributory factor in some form or other. It is, therefore, vital that the human factor is addressed in tackling the problems of road safety. Fundamental to this is an efficient driver testing and training regime. This regime must not only be efficient and cost-effective, but just as important, it must have public confidence. Regrettably, at the moment, it must be said that the systems in some countries are obviously failing on all three counts. It is readily appreciated that driver testing and training are only a small part of a whole series of initiatives necessary to solve the road safety problem. However, these sectors must make an important contribution to any initiative aimed at reducing road casualties and long-term reductions in accident statistics. It is essential that all road users are made more aware of the heavy responsibilities inherent in the possession of a driving license. Novice drivers, especially those in the 17-21 age group, have a disproportionate number of accidents. By training all new drivers in skills for life, there are immeasurable long-term economic and social benefits arising from a more responsible attitude to driving. Driver testing and training procedures are inadequate in many countries in the Asian and Pacific region and, with the rapid pace of motorization, urgent remedial measures are required to improve the situation. The state has a responsibility to ensure that only safe, competent drivers are allowed on roads. The majority of driver training is used only to prepare a candidate for the driving test and therefore the standard of the driving test will determine the extent and quality of driver training. In order to improve driver training, the quality of driving instructors must also be improved and monitored and, in each country, a recommended syllabus for learner drivers should be introduced.

1. Ensure that the driving test examines the driver’s judgment, decision making, and ability to drive safely on public roads in normal traffic conditions with stricter tests for drivers of large commercial vehicles. Provide adequate training and staffing for driving examiners and ensure they are taught to drive all vehicles to the highest standards. Organize training courses for professional driving instructors, develop a standardized driver training curriculum, and established a registration system, driving instructors, and driving schools.



Effective driver testing is the best way to ensure that only safe, competent drivers are awarded a driver’s license. Good control and registration of driving schools and driving instructors is also highly beneficial in ensuring learners are given competent instruction.


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These sector guidelines on “Driver Training and Testing” are from a set of Road Safety Guidelines for the Asian and Pacific Region policymakers, developed as part of a regional technical assistance project (RETA 5620: Regional Initiatives in Road Safety) funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This section deals with driver testing and training and emphasizes the responsibility held by all drivers and riders of motorized vehicles. The importance of an early awareness of this responsibility and the value of a structured program of testing and training for all new drivers is detailed. These guidelines are targeted at the rapidly motorizing countries in the Asian and Pacific region and are restricted to standard, conventional licensing programs; i.e., where drivers passing the driving test are treated the same as all other licensed drivers. Advanced programs, such...
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