Driver and Their Bad Habits

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  • Published : August 5, 2008
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Drivers and Their Bad Habits
Many of today’s drivers have unsafe driving habits. One does not have to travel far to witness them. They are in one’s neighborhoods, on highways, malls and schools parking lot. These drivers are dangerous not only to themselves but also to other motorists as well. Many bad habits are considered risky while one is driving. Talking and text messaging on cellular phones, eating and drinking, not using turn signals, not wearing seat belt, running red lights and speeding are all considered some examples of risky driving. Everyone who has venture onto the road has encountered them “Drivers and Their Bad Habits”

Amongst adult and teenager drivers the use of cellular phones has become very popular. A majority of teen drivers are influence by their parents’ bad habits. They watch their parent use one to no hands while using their cellular phones. Parents need to be diligent in both telling and showing teenage drivers the safest way to drive while using a cellular phone. One good habit is to pull over before making a call. The leading cause of major accidents amongst motorists is the use of cellular phones. Therefore, most states have banned the use of cellular phone by drivers because it is very dangerous and distracting.

Another dangerous habit is applying makeup while driving. Applying makeup while driving can be costly. It can cause the driver to lose focus, causing an accident. It is reported that many motorists drive at high speed while making risky decision, such as applying makeup. Motorists who act in such a way show no consideration for the safety of others drivers. Another risky habit is eating or drinking while driving. Drivers who purchase a fast-food meal immediately begin to devour their meal without paying attention as they pull into oncoming traffic.

Yet another dangerous driving habit is the lack of turn-signal use. It is a simple device that is rarely used by many motorists. Turn signals are used to give advanced...
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