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Presentation on DriveCam Analytics and Data Findings Related to In-Cab Driver Distraction

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Bryon Cook, DriveCam

My Background
• DriveCam:
– – – – Joined DriveCam in January, 2006 (4.5 Year Tenure) VP, Product Management and Analytics for 2 years VP, Operations and Analytics for 2.5 years Developed first three iterations of intelligent triaging algorithms as well as multiple business intelligence studies for internal and external uses

• Prior Work:
– 10 Years in Software and Service Development Prior to DriveCam (15 Years Technology / Service Experience Overall) • • • 3 Years in ERP, CRM, Project Management Applications with Business Intelligence Tools On Each System (Dataworks – Now Epicor, Equative) 2 Years in Workers Compensation and Automobile Medical Claims and Bill Review Systems with Business Intelligence Tools on Each System (HNC Software: Insurance Solutions Group – Now Fair Isaac). 5 Years in Automobile Medical and Physical Damage Claims and Bill Review Systems with Business Intelligence Tools on Each System (5 Years with Mitchell International)

– Researched, designed and developed 27 mission-critical B2B products over the past 15 years encompassing over 200 functional releases and 500 data updates in a multitude of environments including financial, insurance, and IT sectors.

• Education:
– BSBA / MBA: Washington University in St. Louis
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• • • • • • • Who is DriveCam? How Does the Technology and Service Work? Why is Video Important? Employee Acceptance What data is collected and how is it collected? Analytics Strategy and Data Sets Distracted Driving – – – – What is Distracted Driving? Distracted Driving Behaviors Captured Distracted Driving Analytics / Results Impact of Coaching Behaviors

• Summary / Q&A
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Who is DriveCam?

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Bryon Cook, DriveCam

Why does DriveCam exist?
Historically … Fleets have improved risky driving through: • Training • DMV Record Checks • Safety Meetings • Ride Alongs However … • Over 43,000 people continue to lose their lives in vehicle crashes every year • $245 billion are wasted annually • Traditional fleet safety efforts rely on lagging indicators • By the time you know there’s a problem … it’s too late 5

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In Vehicle Video is Knowing the Truth

Open Directory

Following too Close

Drowsy Driving

Distracted Driving
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Cut Off in Traffic

DriveCam FactSheet
• Headquarters: San Diego, USA • Founded: 1998
– Privately held – 10 years in business with significant, consistent growth – Funded by 4 leading capital funding firms: Insight Venture Partners, Integral Capital Partners, JMI Equity and Menlo Ventures

• Milestones
– – – – – Installed Base: 135,000 (55,000 Under Managed Service) Risky Event Database: 17.7 million events Collisions Captured: 18,500 Minor to Severe Collisions 3 years on INC’s list of 500 fastest growing, private U.S. companies #30 on Wall Street Journal’s List of Top 50 Venture Backed Companies

• Best of Breed Technology & Service Partners
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Major Players in Major Industries


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How Does the Technology and Service Work?

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Bryon Cook, DriveCam

How the Video is Captured

Video Event Recorder • Mounts on windshield • VER Continuously Monitoring and Providing Feedback to Driver • Events Triggered by excessive forces • Erratic driving • Collisions •

Digital looping memory captures before and after event Documents force and records video and audio looking forward and inside the vehicle Downloads to DriveCam via Cell

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How DriveCam Works
Upload triggered event via Cell


Capture risky driving

Review, analyze and score
Driver Risk Management Program

Safer driver returns to the field

Access confidential website for events, dashboards and reports

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