Drive Thru Coffe Shop Business Plan

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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1.0 Executive summary
The Coffee Cup is a beverage retailer, which has applied a method that is not very known to the beverage and food industry. The Coffee Cup will give its customers the opportunity to drive through and order their choice of beverage or food that will be freshly made and customized in a very simple, convenient and time efficient manor. It will definitely have a comparative advantage in comparison to gas stations & institutionalised fast food chains. The Coffee Cup serves high quality hot and cold drinks. In addition to this freshly baked pastries will be made available too. The Coffee Cup will focus on two main markets:

* The Daily Commuter: This is someone who is travelling to or from work, who is out for shopping, delivering goods or services or simply just out for a drive. * The Captive Consumer: This is someone who is in a restricted environment that doesn’t allow him or her to move around to search for some kind of refreshments. The Coffee Cup will penetrate these two markets mentioned above by setting up a drive through in a very strategic place where it will have access to these markets. The facility’s will be made in such a way in which it will be able to handle high volumes of traffic coming through and at the same time will be able to maintain the high quality of our products as well as keeping the time needed to prepare the beverages very low in comparison to other coffee places.

1.1 Objectives
The Coffee Cup has planned for three strong objectives which strongly hopes to accomplish in the following 3 years: * The Gross Margin should be 40% or more.
* The Net After tax Profit should be above 12% of total Sales. * Aim to expand the number of premises to 3 at the end of 3 years. 1.2 Mission
The Coffee Cup Mission has three main missions, all of which are vital to our success. * Providing consumers with the highest quality beverages and in the most time efficient way possible. * Provide the community with support through our customers by donating 10% of each cup sold to local charities based upon consumer choice. * Economically grow in a straight line taking the most sensible and logic economic decisions when needed.

1.3 Keys to Success
There are four main keys to success in this firm and these are similar for any business that is serving any kind of food or beverage. If we can successfully achieve the last objective, we will be able to reap the benefits of our competitive advantage. * Implement the coffee shop in a strategic location where it is highly visible, has high volumes of traffic flowing and easy to access for potential customers. * Offer the best products with the highest quality along with keeping our flavour consistent over time and using the freshest coffee beans. * Ensure the staff is friendly, helpful and kind and can handle difficult customer situations. * Build a fine reputation through word of mouth advertising promoting our community mission of charitable giving. The strategy of donating 10% of each Cup sold to local charities will be one way to build a positive reputation.

2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Start-up Summary

In today’s generation, coffee has become a popular trend and necessity in many individuals’ day coupled with the fact that British consumers have become increasingly lazy. Coffee shops have targeted a large audience ranging from students in education, working adults, and retired people. The partnership of Farah Nanji, Evelyn Png, Zorain Masood, Rahul Motwani and Bader Al-Jazzaf have come up with an innovative plan to take on the opportunity to create a new business start-up that will give coffee consumers an added luxury. Our concept in doing so is to provide the target audience a convenience, where coffee will be easily accessible and be efficient for busy schedules. We present our business idea, the Coffee Cup. We believe a coffee drive through is a successful business idea as there is an identified...
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