Drinking Tap-Water Is Better Than Bottled Water

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Drinking Tap-water is better than Bottled Water

Bottled water is simply water from some sources that a company has placed in a bottle for resale. It can have minimal processing – as in natural spring or mineral water, or it can be completely filtered and dematerialized which is to remove minerals in the water to nearly pure, and then added minerals back into the water to make it taste better. In these days, “we drink 15 times more bottled water today than we did in 1976. According to the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), “more than half of all Americans drink bottled water, and there are more than one-third of the population drinks it regularly”. And we pay big bucks for it, too – over $15 billion a year” (Buddha, pg1-2). The consumption of bottled water is growing at 10 percent a year, faster than any other beverage. Since the bottled water is considered as food which is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, most people feel bottled water is purer than tap-water. There are many different elements that can be advantage or disadvantage of bottled water. This information which is advantages and disadvantages of bottled water can be useful whether you want to buy or not.

The advantages of bottled water are not as many as its disadvantages. However, people are persuaded to buy bottled water by those alluring advertisements. There are some big advantages of bottled water.

Firstly, it is easy to take with you on a journey. Nowadays, many people will rather have something that is portable for convenience sake; and as we can see from many advertisements, bottled water now comes in much smaller size. Not only that, the health benefits of water have been used by many companies to promote their sales because it is true that water benefits living things in many aspects.

Along with that point, bottled water is an excellent source of clean water for drinking outside the house. Moreover, bottled water can be an emergency source of water in the event where the primary source of water is disrupted or becomes contaminated, for example, you might want to drink bottled water when you travel to the country such as Africa that does not have clean water resources. Because the local tap water might be contaminated with things such as bacteria or even bugs which can possibly make you ill especially when you are not used to tap water.

One other advantage is using extra step to produce purified bottled water which deliver peace of mind for drinker. In addition, many people consider bottled water to have better taste. It does not contain chlorine, but on some bottled waters, a mixture of minerals is added to enhance flavor. People also find that the chemical free, oxygen infused taste of purified bottled water is simply better than tap and other bottled water (Stout, 2008).

Lastly, the bottled water gives us less “guesswork” because the person who is going to drink it know that bottled water is a clean water that has been purified many times. There is a fact that the public water can often be risky to drink for the reason of contamination of the delivery systems and the potential backflow. People are never sure whether or not the water they are getting is clean, contamination of water sometimes happens and it may lead to some diseases such as poisoning. This can happen because water surges push out dirt and debris from old pipes, or it might be due to the pollution of the resources. So at least, when you have bottled water on hand, you won’t be without a drink if there is no drinkable tap water (Stout, 2008).

How safe is the bottled water:

The bottled water industry would like the public to believe that bottled water is purer and safer than tap water and water is produced by careful treatment methods. Most bottled water appears to be safe. And the fact is bottled water is the same the tap water. The contaminated bottled water can cause cholera epidemics especially for people with weak...
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