Drinking Age Shouldn't Be Lowered

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Drinking age shouldn’t be change
Many young people are drinking at an early age which shown it’s a public health problem in this country. Approximately five thousand underage die a year due to drinking. Research shows drinking at an early age can lead into alcoholic. Other research shows younger children drinking are more likely to be engaging in behaviors that harm themselves and others. Research believes, “Increasing the age at which people can legally purchase and drink alcohol has been the most successful intervention to date in reducing drinking and alcohol-related crashes among people under age 21.” The difference between an adult brain and a maturing binge brain who can consume more alcohol then the adult is more likely to experience negative consequence such as a hangover. The health risk is that in the long run it may impact on long term thinking and memory skills. A higher minimum drinking age can help reduce crashes and save lives, especially younger drivers. They’re two individual-focused interventions called; “School-Based Prevention Program-…” and “Family-Based Prevention Programs-…” are programs to show underage shouldn’t be drinking and the effects of it which teaches them not to be drinking. Underage drinking is dangerous to the society.

Joe death was caused by drinking at an underage party. Many others at the party were fear to call 911 before they get in trouble for underage drinking where they are going to face punishment. Only person age 21 and up can consume alcohol in all 50 states. Others states such as Colorado, New Jersey and Texas have addressed incidents of underage drinking death by enacting “911 immunity laws.” The form of drinking is particularly dangerous and may result in unconsciousness, aspiration of vomit, asphyxia, alcohol poisoning and other medical emergencies lead to death. Cornell University had created a program called, “medical amnesty” to provide information on identifying alcohol poisoning and what to do in and alcohol related medical emergency. As a result, college drinking is a serious problem. In the article, "College Drinking is a Serious Problem" from the viewpoints of George W. Dowdall, the problems and effects is shown about binge drinking. Many students "adopt a drinking style" which causes life and death situations. Those who binge drink are more likely to "get behind in school work, get into trouble with campus or community police, have unprotected or unplanned sex, or face other alcohol-related problems" than non-bingers. Not only do bingers get affected by their actions, but so do their surroundings. Non-bingers have reported of being bothered by being pushed, hit, assaulted, unwanted sexual contact, or interrupted from sleep or studying. Another major problem is deaths that occur during these situations. From the year 2000-2005, 857 deaths to college students dealing with alcohol were reported according to USA Today. Eighty percent of those were related car crashes. Overall, drinking has been a severe topic today causing fatal injuries to others surrounding them. David J. Hanson said, “Underage drinking is a severe problem on college campuses nationwide, yet age-based prohibition has not led to the expected results. Instead a provisional drinking permit, similar to a learner's permit for driving, can teach young adults how to drink responsibly, and without the fear and the excitement of breaking the law. Outlawing alcohol only leads to binge drinking, whereas a supervised drinking permit will allow teenagers to become responsible drinkers.” Having a driver license that is restrict the conditions under which they may drive is the same as adapted to apply to drinking. Blood alcohol concentration is to be lowered then .02% for fewer than 21 drivers. Young children accept alcohol for respect, source of magical empowerment that increases with every gulp.

Drunk driving has been a problem with "no single or simple solution". In the article, "Drunk Driving Is a Serious...
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