Drinking Age Debate

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Danielle Dover
L. Dubuisson
English 1101 Online
14 October 2011
Raise, Lower, or Keep the Drinking Age Limit?
When discussing an age limit for alcohol, there are many arguments for or against it. We could lower the drinking age but raise the driving age. We could raise the drinking age for everyday people and lower it for soldiers. We could keep it as is or we could try other things such as, teaching kids how to drink in the correct manor. There are so many opinions on this subject, such as the three we read about in “Back to the Lake”, but not one is necessarily correct or foolproof. I think each author made some very valid points, as do many other arguments in this matter. So, how do we decide what is best for this day and time? Which one brings the least amount of risks? Should it be left up to the government to make these decisions or left to parents? In my opinion, there is no correct answer to this argument.

I thought about each one of these questions and the possibilities or consequences that could follow suit with them. We could argue that if a man is old enough to fight in a war then he should be old enough to drink, but then we have the possibility of a drunken soldier fighting for our country and his life. Robert Voas makes mention of this in his article “There’s No Benefit to Lowering the Drinking Age”. He says, “Ask platoon leaders and unit commanders, and they’ll tell you that the last thing they want is young soldiers drinking.” However, we have to consider what our military sees on a daily basis, and that they may need a drink at the end of the day. This is where responsible drinking takes place.

I completely agree with Ruth C. Engs in her essay “Why the Drinking Age Should Be Lowered: An Opinion Based on Research”, when she says, “How can we expect youth to know how to drink, if they are not educated about sensible consumption?” If kids are not taught from an early age about responsible drinking then, in my opinion, I would think...
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