Drinking Age

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, National Minimum Drinking Age Act Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Faheem Khan
Mrs. Farley
Drinking Age
The drinking age in America should be lowered to 18 from 21. Most kids who are between the ages of 18-20 already drink behind closed doors. When a person turns the age of 18 they are able to accomplish and are able to do many things, so why can they not drink? Over a thousand lives are lost each year by people under the age of 21 from drinking. If people are already drinking now before they even reach 21, and there are no laws enforcing on to them that they cannot drink in parties or in private; why not just lower the drinking age so no more smuggling is required.

It is recorded in the article “Yes, the U.S. legal drinking age should be lowered” by John McCardell that 95% of alcohol consumers have their first drink before the age of 21. Also, 75% of high school seniors, 60% of high school sophomores, and 40% of 8th graders have already consumed alcohol. 8th Grade, not even in high school yet, are already drinking alcohol. We can conclude from this that current laws are ineffective and are not enforced hard enough to prevent these kids from drinking. Since no one is really enforcing the law, kids just go ahead into parties and begin to drink without anyone noticing.

When a person turns 18 they are able serve in a jury, sign a contract, and be responsible for one’s debts. If they can do all that, then why can they not drink? Many young adults find this inability to drink impossible to understand. They should consider the fact why at the age one 18 one is able to exercise all other adult responsibilities except for drinking. Therefore, the age limit of 21 for drinking is usually evaded and many kids began to start drinking at an early age. They believe that simply raising the drinking age to 21 should eliminate drunk driving, but here we are having drunk driving crashes everyday with people who are 21 and above. Should they not rise the age to 25 then? Well the logic breaks down somewhere in between and it...
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