Drilling Machine

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Drilling Machine
Drilling machines
Any component manufactured has one or more cylindrical hole in them. The process of making a hole is known a drilling.
The cutting tool, which is used for making holes, is known as drill. The drill is a multipoint cutting tool.
Definition: Drilling is the operation of making holes in a work piece using a drill bit. The hole is generated by the rotating drill, which exerts large force on the work piece clamped rigidly on the machine table. What is a Drilling machine ?

A power operated machine tool, which holds the drill in its spindle rotating at high speeds and when manually actuated to move linearly simultaneously against the work piece produces a hole. Drilling machines

Types Of Drilling Machines
Portable drilling machine
Bench Drilling Machine (Sensitive drilling machine)
Upright drilling machine
Radial drilling machine
Gang drilling machine
Multiple spindle drilling machine
Automatic drilling machine
Deep hole drilling machine.
Portable drilling machine
It is a small and compact machine, which can be conveniently held by hand, and drilling operations can be carried out. These machines are used to drill small holes in large work piece. Portable machines run at high speeds, powered by electrical motor or pneumatic. The maximum diameter of hole it can drill is 12 mm. The feed is applied by hand. Portable drilling machine

Portable drilling machine
Bench Drilling Machine (Sensitive Drilling Machine)
Bench drilling machine
These are light duty machines used in small workshops.
Also called Sensitive drilling machines because of its accurate and well balanced spindle. Holes of diameter 1 mm to 15 mm.
The main parts of the machine
The main parts of the machine are
Vertical main column,
Moving head
Work table,
Spindle and
Driving mechanism.
Bench Drilling Machine

Upright Drilling Machine
In construction the upright drilling machine is similar to a sensitive drilling machine for having a vertical column mounted upon the base. This machine is designed for handling medium sized work pieces. For drilling of different types of work a large number of spindle speeds and feeds are available. Upright Drilling Machine

Upright Drilling Machine
There are two types of Upright drilling machine
Round Column Section or Pillar drilling Machine
Box Column Section.
Round Column Section or Pillar Drilling Machine
It consists of a round column that rises from the base which rests on the floor, a round table assembly, drill assembly and an arm. The arm and the table may be moved up and down on the column for holding work pieces of different heights and also moved in an arc up to 1800 and may be clamped in any position. The maximum size of holes that the machine can drill is up to 50mm Box Column Section Upright Drilling Machine

It has square table fitted on the slides at the front face of the machine column. The table can be moved up and down by an elevating screw. It is suitable to work for heavier work pieces.
The holes above 50mm in diameter can be drilled by this type of machine. Radial drilling machine
These are heavy duty and versatile drilling machine used to perform drilling operation on large and heavy work piece. Holes up to 7.5 cm can be drilled
Radial Drilling Machine
Radial Drilling Machine
It is a large rectangular casting that is finished on its top to support a column at one end and work table at the other end. In some machines two or more number of bases are provided when drilling is done on a work pieces supported on anyone of the bases, another workpiece may be set up on the other for continuous operations. Radial Drilling Machine

It is a cylindrical casting mounted vertically at one end of the base. It supports the radial arm which may slide up or down on its face....
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