Drilling in Anwr

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  • Published : October 12, 2008
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Proposed Drilling in ANWR


Due to high cost of crude oil, the nation is in turmoil over prices of gas prices. This letter is a proposal for drilling in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). Drilling in the ANWR is meant solely to reduce the reliability on foreign crude oil and to help the nation in its economic down side due to the rise in gas prices.

In this proposal I would like to enforce drilling in Alaska. Most of our crude oils come from foreign soil. We as a society have the means and resources to gain economic revenue and provide for our country. During the economic struggle we are now facing, the United States would benefit from using our own resources. In my proposal I will state the three reasons why I feel that it’s important to use what we have gained in our country to benefit the people of America.

In March 2006, the U.S. Senate passed its Budget Resolution, which included the drilling of the ANWR. The ANWR consist of 19 million acres of reserves, the leasing proposal calls for 2.8 million of that land is used for drilling. Research in the ANWR has already begun on 3.8 million acres to make sure that this land will have the potential outcome expect.

In the approval of the bill and research conducted, I feel that the drilling should be headed full force. The drilling would not only provide revenue to the United States but jobs for the increasing unemployment rate and also less dependency on foreign trade.

The United States has spent $100-150 billion dollars on oil every year and every the amount has increases by the barrel. By tapping in to our own reserves, we not only are putting money back in to our economy but also in the hands of the hard working people who work for this land. The United States military uses reinforcement to protect and secure the oil for our own demands...
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