Drill and Ceremony Modules

Topics: Exercise, The Target, The Instructor Pages: 5 (1133 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Action: Conduct Consistent Aiming Exercises

Condition: Given 15 Highly Motivated, M16-Series Rifle, M15A1 sighting device, target box, pencil and paper, and target-box paddle; and wearing the ACU w/ soft cap.

Standard: Each Soldier will acquire a sight picture five consecutive times without error. Each Soldier will dry fire two five-round shot-groups such that 8 of the 10 shots fit within a 2-centimeter circle.

Risk Assessment:
Safety Concerns:
Environmental considerations

All information is testable.

Motivator: SPC Pledger Non Qualification for 2 years.

Learning Step / Activity 2. Conduct Dominant Eye Training

We will now show you how to determine your dominate eye. This is done as follows:

a. Cut a 1-inch circular hole in the center of an 8 by 10-inch piece of material (can be anything from paper to plywood).

b. The trainer positions himself approximately 5 feet in front of the Soldier. The trainer closes his non-dominant eye and holds his finger up in front of and just below his dominant eye to provide the Soldier with an aiming point.

c. The Soldier holds the training aid with both hands at waist level and looks with both eyes open at the trainer’s open eye. With both eyes focused on the trainer’s open eye and arms fully extended, the Soldier brings the training aid up between himself and the trainer while continuing to look at the trainer’s eye through the hole in the training aid. The Soldier’s eye the trainer sees through the hole in the training aid is the Soldier’s dominant eye. Check on learning

Learning Step / Activity 3. M15A1 Sighting Devices

The M15A1 aiming card determines if you understand how to aim at a target's center of mass, how to adjust the point of aim, how to allow for gravity, and how to engage a moving target.

To use the aiming card—

a. The card is misaligned, the Soldier is instructed to establish the correct point of aim, and a trainer checks it. Each Soldier demonstrates five out of five of the points of aim.

b. The Soldier shows the side alignment technique three times—places the front sight post on the left or right edge of the target and brings the front sight post to the target's center of mass.

c. The Soldier shows the bottom-up alignment technique—place the front sight post at the bottom of the target and bring the front sight post to target's center of mass.

Learning Step / Activity 3. M15A1 Sighting Devices, Cont

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: An instructor must monitor the exercise. The sight/target relationship on the card is the same visual perception that the Soldier should have when he is zeroing on a standard silhouette target. The instructor should not only observe the Soldier as the rifle is sighted, but must discuss sighting procedures and common sighting errors. Only when the instructor is satisfied that the Soldier is proficient in sighting should the shooter rotate.

Check on learning
Learning Step / Activity 4. Target Box and Paddle Exercise

The purpose of the target-box exercise is to teach and to permit you to practice consistency of aiming and placement of five-round shot groups in a dry-fire environment. This exercise requires a target box with an attached plain piece of paper, a paddle on which is printed a scaled silhouette, a pencil, a coach, and a target man.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: First time firers should be coached by the drill sergeant with the coach observing. Additional iterations are observed by peer coaches with a drill sergeant supervising. Soldiers are divided into three equal groups: shooter, peer coach, and target man. Each Soldier will perform the exercise until they have demonstrated five out of five of the aim points (pencil marks) within the plastic target-box paddle’s 2 cm template.

INSTRUCTOR NOTE: An instructor must monitor the exercise. The instructor should not only observe the Soldier as the rifle is sighted, but must discuss shot-group size 22 and placement relative to...
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