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You can have self protection. There will be a less chance of you dying. You can protect your most valuable possessions. If you have a store without security you should have a gun behind the counter so no one will try to rob your store or take your money. People won’t mess with you as much and other people will even fear you Cons

If you get caught with a gun you can go to jail without a license. You can also get arrested. If you sell a gun you can get fined for a lot of money. If you have a gun a gang can invite you and if you accept you will be in a lot of trouble and you will never get out. You can also be a criminal. Guns can get you into dangerous situations.

Reasons to own a gun
Here are some quotes from people on why they own a gun:”the founding fathers wanted me to have one””personal reasons””self-protection”.here is some more reasons to own a gun. You should have a gun so people can’t rob your house. Stores without security should have a gun behind a counter if someone tries to rob the store. A family legacy of gun ownership is often a factor in determining whether one will become a gun owner. Many people got there first guns as gifts from parents. Hunting is a fine reason to own a gun - or several guns. Different game calls for different firearms, so there's good reason to own a number of shooting' irons if you hunt various games. Owning guns only for the purpose of hunting is probably pretty common here in the USA... though many hunters, through exposure to and experience with firearms, become comfortable with them and often wish to own guns for other purposes as well.


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