Dressing for Success

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  • Published : October 20, 2008
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You’ve been looking for a job as an administrative assistant for three months now. You know you have a good resume, and obviously your application letters have been good because you’ve been invited for eight interviews. However, after each interview, you have failed to receive a job offer. Baffled, you prepare harder by quizzing yourself with standard questions, and even having a friend do a mock interview with you. But are the answers you give to questions the reason you aren’t being offered the job? Have you considered your physical appearance enough? Many people do not realize just how important physical appearance is in a job interview. As someone who has been successful through the years in many different interviews, I can tell you that proper attire and impeccable hygiene are two keys to a successful job interview. Physical appearance conveys much about a candidate’s personality and professionalism, so you should dress in a manner that makes a good first impression in an interview. A good guideline is to dress conservatively. Men, for instance, should avoid casual clothes such as khakis and polo shirts. Instead—even if for what seems to be a company with a casual work environment—you should wear a suit. Suitable colors are dark ones like blue or brown, even gray. Avoid being ostentatious by not wearing a vest. Rather, select a white or blue button down shirt that is pressed well. Also, avoid ties that are flamboyant, favoring instead ties that have a subtle pattern and in a color that accents the suit and shirt colors. Finally, wear shoes to match the suit—ones that are clean and polished. If you are man who is not adept at picking out clothes, visit a local men’s store and get assistance from a sales associate. Proper dress will give you the confidence you need when you walk into the interview and make that first handshake. Women should also dress conservatively, in a manner commensurate with their gender. As with men, a suit is ideal. And as with men,...
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